LötschenLückenTage deals

Why not book a stay when we’ve got one of our LötschenLückenTage deals running to save up to 20% on the cost of a room, breakfast included.

On certain days when we’ve got a gap in our bookings, you can get yourself a great deal. If you’re staying for at least two nights, you can save up to 20% on the cost at the bed and breakfast rate on special LötschenLückenTage days.

Get your hands on one of our LötschenLückenTage deals like this one:

20% for 01. - 04.07.2019
20% for 22. - 27.09.2019

Terms and conditions:

  • Only valid when booking directly with the hotel via our website, by email or over the phone
  • Minimum stay of two nights
  • Discount applies to bed and breakfast rate
  • Half-board dining and other services can be booked upon arrival at our standard rates
  • New dates are published around four weeks in advance